Composing research paper almost effortlessly: personal evidence

Your research paper is supposed to be a detailed essay describing your original explanation of a topic supported by a research process. It does require significant effort and time to produce a good research paper, but if you are worrying too much about it then here are some ideas to help you complete your paper almost effortlessly.

Form your research statement

  • Approach the subject from an angle which seems interesting to you.
  • Brainstorm – write down words or phrases which come to your mind about the topic. Discard what you find unimportant and add others - continue till you fix the words.
  • Link the words to form an idea.
  • Explore existing works on that topic to validate your idea.
  • Form a plan for your research. It helps if you look at your research paper as a project.
  • Schedule the entire project, identifying major work areas.

Fix a research methodology and plan to go about it

  • Identify possible resources and information.
  • Identify the source of those resources or information.
  • Prepare to document and sort all information important to you during investigation.
  • Fix your time limit before submission date.
  • Be prepared to improvise and modify.
  • Start writing your paper
  • This is going to be a big essay and it will help if you write regularly than wait to finish the research.

Plan the paper

  1. Find out the major components supporting the research.
  2. Form a broad outline with the major components – they will be your chapters.
  3. Start detailing out each chapter and linking them.
  4. Assimilate all your research data and resources in one place.
  5. Plan the information to incorporate in introduction and summary.

Start to write

  1. Adopt a simple and straightforward writing style.
  2. Keep your research statement in focus.
  3. Be explicit about your findings.
  4. Resort to statistical or other appropriate tools where required.
  5. Word your introduction and summery carefully.

Edit your paper

  • Editing will help your final paper shape up.
  • Rectify grammatical, spelling and typographical errors.
  • See that the paper conforms to the requirement of your institute.
  • Increase the readability – use software or apps.
  • Make sure that the paper sounds coherent when read.
  • Remember to update your guide all along and seek help from faculty and institute whenever required. Be sure that these basic ideas can help you to effortlessly write an effective research paper always.
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