Five research paper writing rules you cannot disregard

A research paper can be best explained as a detailed essay presenting your original interpretation of a topic based on critical thinking and a research process. If you are worrying about producing a good research paper, then here are some basic rules which can help you.

  • Find a researchable topic
    • Find a contemporary and relevant topic that interests you.
    • Find a topic which has ample possibilities and resources that can be exploited.
    • Get a feedback from your guide.
    • Explore existing works. While exploring a variety of resources to find the existing works on this topic, you need to document and organize properly while making notes or selecting passages – use means to record and sort information according to their relevance.
    • Make a record of all the citations and bibliography that you might use.
  • Form an outline of the paper
    • Form a framework for the whole paper answering these questions –
    • What do you want to say in your paper and how is it important?
    • What kind of research material you require and how are you going to get it?
    • What are the broad areas your paper can be divided into?
  • Form an organizational plan
    • Your research paper has a deadline so plan the work accordingly
    • Make a work schedule for the entire project.
    • Use organizational chart/planner or a suitable schedule app
    • Identify possible weak spots and plan for contingencies.
    • Select your own deadline before submission date and plan backwards.
  • Plan your writing
    • To write a good research paper, remember these points –
    • Write in a simple, clear and straightforward manner following your institute’s format.
    • Stick to your main topic throughout.
    • Get regular feedback on the paper from your guide.
    • Work on presentation of the paper
    • Plan the entire presentation, considering the data and analysis supporting your interpretation. -
    • Highlight the important points of your paper.
    • Be descriptive and illustrative where required.
    • Devote more care to write the abstract, introduction and the summery.
    • Suggest areas of further research on the topic in summery.
  • Edit and revise
    • Normally you should edit regularly as you write. Check for -
    • Grammatical and spelling mistakes.
    • Coherency in the paper and adherence to the topic.
    • Properly arranged citations in the bibliography page

These seven basic rules can help you to effectively write a good research paper. Remember that the best help will always be from your guide and faculty, so consult them all throughout the process.

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